Electric car battery Powerwall

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Electric car battery Powerwall

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Some of as are tenants and isn’t practical to install solar panel or install a heat pump. Maybe in the future landlords will be push to invest in renewable energy but meanwhile rising price on energy can be mitigated with repurpose car batteries that are more available and more cheap on the second hand market. This can be used to buy energy when the price is low and used when the price is high.
For example in UK with Octopus GO now is 7.5p per kW between 0:30-4:30 and in the rest of the day around 40p. In some cases can be lower that gas pieces. Now UK gas I 345p/therm that is 11.8p/kW without counting boiler inefficiency losses.(1 Therm(UK), 29.31 kWh). For an average of 3 MW/year electrical and 12MW/year gas investment will be recovered in few years around 975£/year for electric and 512£/year for gas at current prices
I was looking for a method to use a car battery without removing OEM BMS installing Chinese BMS and reconfigure all the module. This is a lot of time and money.
Because I didn’t found anything on this topic I came with a concept hoping that in this community can become reality. I’m sure can be a lot of variation but firs I want to know you opinion if is cost effective and can work in reality.


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Re: Electric car battery Powerwall

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Why not use a hybrid inverter?
Converting an Porsche Panamera
see http://www.wdrautomatisering.nl for bespoke BMS modules.
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