PDM onboard charger minimum battery voltage

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PDM onboard charger minimum battery voltage

Post by raine »

Hi, tried to search this from forum, but couldn't find.
Has anyone tested the minimum battery voltage the onboard charger at PDM supports? I am playing with gen2 and gen3 PDM's with 60S config. The DCDC works fine and so does the inverter and engine. But it won't charge. Voltage in my pack is currently approx 230V.

Many thanks!
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Re: PDM onboard charger minimum battery voltage

Post by kman47 »

Hi Raine,

Slightly off topic, what are you using to control the PDM unit? I understand it needs the typical J1772 'handshake' to connect the AC to the connector, and the PDM needs CAN control after this to control the charge current etc.

I have a Gen3 PDM (and rest of the stack from a 2019e+ leaf) I would like to get the charging operational. I have various battery voltages I could test with (if helpful), but don't have not dug into the Gen3 PDM CANbus and other control yet. I have just spun up the motor with the thunderstruck vcu, but it is only limited to inverter control.
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