Could Use Some Help Choosing An Inverter

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Could Use Some Help Choosing An Inverter

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and have just been learning about openinverter. I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a lower voltage 3 phase motor inverter that works in the 50 volts to 110 volts range? I prefer working with lower voltage. The project I will be working on is putting a modified alternator, 100 kw (not expecting to use it at full power :) ) at 110v, onto a tractor or skid steer, not sure if this will work but thought I would give it a try and learn some things. I already have battery packs that I can use from an old Nissan Leaf and I have made 48v battery packs in the past with it for other projects. I was wondering if the Toyota Prius Gen2 or Gen3 Inverter can go down to that low of voltage to drive the motor? The Chevrolet Volt Inverter looks pretty good but it seems like there is much less documentation on how to do it. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Re: Could Use Some Help Choosing An Inverter

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A high voltage inverter will work with lower voltage but retains its "low" current capability. So if around 400A is sufficient you can roll with a Prius inverter.
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