Ford BISG. Decoding protocol

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Ford BISG. Decoding protocol

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Attached are some pictures of a belt Inverter Starter Generator off of a 2019 ford puma. I believe it is the same model as used on the newer focus and some select us mild hybrid models.
Ford rate it for 11.5kw and it runs on a 48v lithium pack.
For obvious reasons I believe this would be a good light EV all in one package.

Unfortunately it is a SEP ex style motor with the rotor being a coil rather than permanent magnets. This makes it slightly annoying to control as the built in controler handles the separate excitation usually.

They can be had cheaply on eBay and breakers yards. (£100 to £150)
It has a built in inverter that I presume the is controlled via can.
I am currently looking into if anyone has done any work into decodeing the CAN communications yet. I was hopeing to possibly do a brain swap but it's looking like there is no way to disassemble the inverter without totally ruining it.

I am going to try and work out what connects to what in the inverter but for now I have only been able to get the rear casing off.

Anyone seen anything similar before. The Audi BSGs seem to have been much better engineered for repairability. (And have permanent magnets) when compared to this. But the price point of is seems beneficial.

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