Gen 3 Stack wiring Power On Power Supply

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Gen 3 Stack wiring Power On Power Supply

Post by VWJoe »

Just notice a thing with my Gen 3 stack, I have it wired to a Zombieverter, with INV Pin 1 (green) and PDM Pin 18 (Red) connected to Batt Pos. INV Pin 18 (Light Green) and PDM Pin 15 (Violet) are connected to a relay controlled by Inverter Power LS Switch on the Zombieverter.

All works OK, but I have noticed that the stack does not need the switched 12 volts (Pin 18 and Pin 15) to spin the motor. I can remove the relay and it still spins. I'm I missing something?

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Re: Gen 3 Stack wiring Power On Power Supply

Post by Kelju »

I haven't tried disconnecting the INV Pin 18, but I did disconnect PDM Pin 15 and everything works fine. You might be wondering why I disconnected PDM Pin 15, right?
Originally everything was working as expected with both connected to switched 12V controlled by INV LS switch. Then with some SW development iteration, the system was constantly failing to go into run mode and I noticed that the Zombie interpreted the mode to be AC charging, even if the plug was not present. I wanted to check if the PDM was causing the issue and disconnected the switched 12V. The problem was solved and the system went happily to the run mode. At this point I also noticed that the DCDC of the PDM was operating. With this configuration, the PDM also starts the charging when the AC-plug is inserted.
It is also worth noting that even reverting back to the old FW version did not remove the problem of the Zombie being (spuriously?) in AC charging mode when trying to commense run mode.
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Re: Gen 3 Stack wiring Power On Power Supply

Post by lcamilleri »

Hi VWJoe, are you sure that on the GEN3 stack connector F23 the PDM pin 15 (violet) is the "power on power supply" and not PIN 16 ?

I am asking just to confirm that indeed I have the same stack (2019 leaf ZE1) and in that case I would like to ask if you also connected INV PIN 6 (also green) to permanent 12V battery positive as it is shown in the F13 connector and if not how did you determine that INV PIN 1 was needed and not INV PIN 6 ?

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