Zombieverter firmware 2.04A

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Zombieverter firmware 2.04A

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I thought I’d post for those whom don’t follow the git repo, the latest firmware for the zombiverter VCU


-Bug fix. IOMatrix inputs had a bug whereby HVrequest and Chademo start request were swapped. HVrequest was also ignored as it was going out of bounds.

-Add BMW E31 class. Basic functionality for you Panzer converters out there. Work in progress.

-Update to latest libopeninv. Adds functional CANSDO. Thanks Johannes.

-Add OBD2 class for talking to Torque Pro via CAN and an ELM327. I have not been able to verify this as it seems my cheap Ali obd2 dongle is bad. Who knew? Others have verified its working.

This is a big one! makes it easy to implement man differ t can controlled gauges and displays !

-Add analog inputs to IOMatrix. Now supports brake vacuum pump control via vacuum sensor and also charge port PP detection. Thanks Jamie.

-Add gear shifter class. Supports default 12v inputs and the BMW F30 CAN based shifter currently.

-Add DCDC converter class. Currently supports only Tesla Gen2. Work in progress.

-Update OpeninInverter CAN class to latest can control system. Also added feedback from OI inverters.
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