Suitable Inverter for battery storage

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Suitable Inverter for battery storage

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Hi guys
If you have been following my EV build you may know I have around 30kWh of spare batteries and I would like to use them for night time cheap leccy and/or solar storage. I am a total newbe to inverters and storage setups but not to Li-Ion batteries.

I have a professionally installed 4kW solar system using a Solar Edge SE3680H Inverter and power optimizers, and it would be nice to be able to link this system to the batteries but not essential. Most of the excess solar heats our hot water tank and the remainder is exported at around 15p per kWh so it is not lost.
At the moment I am on a standard tariff but plan to switch to an EV tariff soon. I have my EV conversion and hope to buy an MG5 sometime soon.

Here is my wish list.
I'd like to be able to charge the batteries at night on the EV tariff as well as the EV's although I'm aware I may not be able to charge all three at the same time.
I'd like to run the house off the batteries during the day with the option of charging the converted EV which has only 3kW charger so the inverter needs to be over 3kW continuous.
I'd like to be able to export excess leccy in the evening before the EV charging starts.
I'd like to be able to add solar panels to the inverter once it is up and running.

So I guess the question is what inverter would be able to charge the batteries at night, run the house during the day, connect to solar panels and maybe be able export to the grid as well.
I need a bigger hammer!
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