[Driving] Freelander EV With Gen1 Leaf electrics and EVBMW VCU

Tell us about the project you do with the open inverter
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Re: [Driving] Freelander EV With Gen1 Leaf electrics and EVBMW VCU

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Used the car again for the sort of jobs I built it for.
Yesterday I drove to the airport to pick up my Mrs and daughter, and today I borrowed an old horse trailer and used it to bring home two large round bails of hay.
The trailer is stupidly heavy and the Mrs Ford Kuga really struggles to tow it as it's clutch is on it's last legs and the engine hasn't much torque.
Normally in the Freelander I don't use first gear as it isn't necessary but when towing this trailer I use first to get moving and cross roads quickly. Pulling through slow traffic was a breeze however I don't like pulling up long fast hills with the constant high current load. Maybe I'm being silly but I was glad to get it back to it's owner.
I need a bigger hammer!
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