Gen 3 Leaf PDM HV Connections.

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Gen 3 Leaf PDM HV Connections.

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Good morning all,

I have a gen3 Leaf PDM here, and cannot find confirmation online about HV connections,

I have attached an Image of said PDM, The Black circle represents DC in & Dc out for charging, Left connection being + and the right connection being -, The blue circle is for aux DC out - for heaters etc) in this case the left connection being - and right +.. Can anyone confirm this is correct. I based this on knowledge from gen 2 and tested using mustimeter..

The yellow circle I believe is AC input for the charger, can anyone confirm polarity for this?

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Re: Gen 3 Leaf PDM HV Connections.

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I can't confirm the power connectors but can confirm that for the first test using 240V incandescent bulbs connected in series with the HV is a very good idea.
If you got it wrong the lights come on and stay on but bad stuff shouldn't happen.
I need a bigger hammer!
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