Clarity PHEV Modules

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Clarity PHEV Modules

Post by themoe »

I see these fairly available and fairly cheap; but haven't seen anyone use in a conversion.

Clarity configuration appears to be:
Modules: 12S (28aH)
Pack Config (Modules): 7s2p
Capacity: 56aH

These modules appear to be able to source some current (Based on videos on YouTube I estimate probably around 200a continuous).

My thoughts were that on a light EV (VW Cabriolet is the plan) that these modules in a single 8s string giving a capacity of 28aH (~9kWh) should give me a pretty decent range for how I use the vehicle (I figure worst case about 25 miles). Keeping weight down, to be honest, is more important to me than range.

Anyone else ever look into using these? Any thoughts or concerns?
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Re: Clarity PHEV Modules

Post by Gregski »

a pack just came up for sale in my neck of the woods for $900 dollars, are you talking about the 17 kWh, but I don't know anything about these

here is the first video I watched

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