Knowledge request on these Li-Tec modules

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Knowledge request on these Li-Tec modules

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Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum. BMS seems closest to battery knowledge, and there isn't a Mercedes section in make specific.

I am doing a 1971 Beetle. I am not exactly breaking new ground here, but I have the goal of getting adequate range with as much space in the car preserved. All of the Beetle conversions that I have seen use up the entire cargo area and the entire frunk to store 10 tesla modules (at a mass of 530#)

Searching around, however, I see these Mercedes/Smart modules for sale: ... ery-module

They appear be be the same length, twice as thick, and a little narrower than a Tesla module. And as heavy as you would expect, 102# each. But the capacity is 3x the Tesla pack, meaning I could theoretically use just 3 of these for a 200-mile range.

Does anybody know anything else about these modules? Looks like there is no active cooling either, probably conductive cooling like the prismatic cells in the MEB platform use?

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