Tesla Charger Support thread gen2/gen3

Topics concerning the Tesla front and rear drive unit drop-in board
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Tesla Charger Support thread gen2/gen3

Post by janosch »


the last one got closed because it went out of hand, so here is a new one.

Helpful resources for both:
Wiki Gen2
Wiki Gen3

Tesla Charger Firmware thread
previous: Tesla Charger Support Thread (started in 2019)

There has been ongoing development for a long time, so consider the information in above resources and:
Cross reference it with the date of it being published.

Also, Gen3 and Gen2 operate very similarly on a firmware level:
Even if you are using Gen3, the documentation to Gen2 might help you resolve your problem and vice versa.

Any other questions can be posted below, I am available for paid calls of course, but a lot of questions can be answered when reading above material, or posted here for free and me and others can chip in :)
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Re: Tesla Charger Support thread gen2/gen3

Post by PetersonOctavius »

Hi there,
as im waiting for my OI replacement board for the gen2 i was wondering if its possible to leave the battery pack permanently connected to the charger ( via a fuse) and the gen2 DCDC (via a fuse ).

thanks in advance
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Re: Tesla Charger Support thread gen2/gen3

Post by arber333 »

Hi, i am installing Tesla Gen2 charger to my Mazda and i need to setup a disable circuit for VCU so that someone cant just drive off with charge cable connected :).
I am looking at schematic for both connectors and i notice there are two additional pins which are ready as input and output but dont seem to be used.
Those pins are OUT4 and IN2. Out4 is commanded through ULN2003 chip by D51 and IN2 is sensed through resistor divider by D7. Can someone explain the function of those pins and if they can be used in current firmware?

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