[WIP] Smart Roadster Hybrid

Tell us about the project you do with the open inverter
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[WIP] Smart Roadster Hybrid

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I've finished my first relatively simple EV project (The motorcycle behind the roadster in the picture) so I figured it's time to start something very complicated.
Link to the bike project thread

Why Hybrid?
The car has to keep up with ICE cars both during track days and during multiday roadtrips, and it's way too small to be able to fit enough batteries in it to do days of 6h+ spirited driving.
Series hybrid could be an option but this would require a battery large enough to supply the wanted 180kW of power for prolonged periods of time.

The maximum power output a homebuilt/modified car is allowed to have in Sweden where I'm located is currently 20kW per 100kg. So naturally that's the goal, which ends up being somewhere around 180kW of power. I'm allowed to run a electric traction motor in parallel with the ICE engine as long as I tune the configuration so that they don't produce more than the power-limit together.
So the idea is to run a Hayabusa or equivalent high power motorcycle engine in parallel with a smallish EV motor (Outlander front motor/generator maybe?). With the EV motor filling in the torque gaps of the motorcycle engine in lower rpm. As well as powering the vehicle in reverse.
But since no motorcycle engine makes 180kW out of the box I'd need to boost the ICE engines top end power as well, the smart way to do this is with a supercharger connected to the ICE engine, the fun way of doing this is to run the supercharger with a KIA HSG or similar small high voltage motor.

So ideally I'd use a small hybrid inverter that can already run two motors. I would like the traction motor to be capable enough to drive the car with the ICE engine turned off in slowspeed traffic etc as well as doing the previously mentioned torque-fill role. The logical choice would be the KIA Hybrid inverter that goes with the HSG, but don't think that's been cracked yet.

Inverter: Prius gen 3 with Damiens dualmotor board?
Tractionmotor: Outlander generator?
Supercharger motor: Kia HSG (Have one already)
Batteries: Kia E-niro PHEV modules ?

I recently bought a home with a garage and I have a spare rear subframe to build on, so the project has no set time limits. Took me about 5 years to get the motorcycle road legal, and I have no delusions of this going any faster.
I have access to a pretty well stocked makerspace workshop so shouldn't be too difficult to do most of the mechanical stuff.

Open to suggestions on what EV parts to use. Seems like people haven't been getting great performance out of the Prius inverter + outlander motor combo so maybe something else is better? This far the only EV part I've bought is the KIA HSG, so everything else could still be changed.
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